WA Agrifood and Beverage (AFB) Voucher Program Round 6

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Welcome to WA Agrifood and Beverage Voucher Program

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The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) has established the WA Agri-Food and Beverage Voucher Program (AFB Voucher Program) to support eligible Small Businesses operating in Western Australia to:

  • increase direct and indirect jobs
  • improve international competitiveness;
  • facilitate growth, diversification and expansion domestically and internationally through the provision of expert advice; and,
  • research technological solutions to improve efficiency and resolve digital problems.
  • improve business sustainability and environmental outcomes.

Vouchers will be provided to WA food and beverage businesses that meet the eligibility criteria and whose business development objectives are most closely aligned with the State Government’s objectives of:

  • growing and diversifying the State’s economy;
  • job creation through sustained business growth and improved competitiveness;
  • reaching economy wide net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and;
  • improving social and environmental outcomes for all Western Australians.

Your application

Please read each section and complete each question, as requested. It is recommended that you allow yourself enough time to review the application and submit it well before the due date. The closing date for the Voucher Program is  Tuesday 27 August at 5:00 pm WST.  Incomplete applications and/or applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

Reference Documents: The Voucher Program Guidelines and FAQs are available from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) website. Click here to access. 

When preparing an application for a voucher, businesses may wish to consider other strategic reports commissioned by DPIRD, which outline emerging opportunities in the food and beverage sector. These reports are available on the Food Industry Innovation web page and examples include:

  • Premium Market Opportunities;
  • Target Market Opportunities;
  • Partnering for Customer Value;
  • Food for Health; and
  • Alternative Proteins

For queries about the program guidelines, deadline or questions on this form, please contact Mr Tilwin Westrup, Business Development Manager at the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, 0467 787 133 or email DPIRD’s Food branch foodindustryinnovation@dpird.wa.gov.au

Privacy Statement

Information provided by applicants or collected by DPIRD in relation to an applicant or their proposal may be used in the administration of the Voucher Program and in the assessment of this application.

Any information provided (personal, financial or otherwise) will be solely used for the purpose of the Program.

DPIRD will store personal information collected in this application, supporting documentation and any grant administration, monitoring and evaluation activities in compliance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

DPIRD is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA), which provides a general right of access to records held by the State Government agencies and local governments

I have read and understood the Privacy Statement and I consent to and authorise such uses and disclosures * Required

1. Applicant Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Voucher Program you must be able to answer YES to ALL questions below to submit an application. If you answer NO to any question or you are unsure about what the question means, please contact Tilwin Westrup on 0467 787 133 before proceeding with your application.

1.1 Is your business a food or beverage manufacturer or producer, or, are you a food producer looking to transition to food or beverage manufacturing? * Required
Please note: Manufacturer converts raw agricultural materials into new products to be retailed.
1.2 Does your business have an annual sales turnover in between the following range? $100k and $50M for a Perth metropolitan or regionally based business. * Required
1.3 Is your business a WA based legal entity with an Australian Business Number (ABN), registered for GST and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement with the WA State Government; represented by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development? * Required
1.4 Is your business financially viable and solvent? * Required
1.5 Has your business operated for a minimum of 18 months and incorporated in Australia with non-tax exempt status? * Required
1.6 Are you able to meet the cash co-contribution requirement of 50 percent of the total cost of the professional services sought in this application (or more if 50% cost exceeds the maximum value of your voucher)? * Required
1.7 Can you confirm that Capital Expenditure (e.g. equipment purchases) and Business-as-usual expenses (e.g. label printing) are not included in your quotation?
1.8 Do you meet all industrial relations obligations as an employer in accordance with the National Employment Standards? * Required
1.9 Do you meet all building, development, waste management and safety compliance requirements, or intend specifically using the voucher to work towards resolving a compliance issue to overcome a barrier to business growth? * Required
1.10 Can you confirm your nominated service provider has submitted not more than five quotations with different applicants to this round of the Voucher Program, AND your nominated service provider is not a family member, or share members in governance positions with the applicant? * Required
1.11 I am aware that I as applicant/receiver of voucher am only to pay my co-contribution amount to the service provider, not the full amount, AND I have confirmed with my service provider that split billing for the quoted work is possible. * Required
1.12 I understand that vouchers may not be used for retrospective projects, and only invoices/transactions with items and payments made by successful recipients dated after the date of issue of vouchers will be considered as co-contribution * Required
1.13 Do you agree to participate in future program evaluation activities such as a surveys or interviews? * Required

Have you answered YES to ALL questions above? If not, please contact us before proceeding.