AGRN1124 Storm and Tornado in the City of Bunbury in WA (10 May 2024) - Category B

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DRFAWA Category B measures for primary producers

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Disaster event: AGRN1124 - Storm and Tornado in the City of Bunbury in WA (10 May 2024)

Date of event: 10 May 2024

Date of event proclamation by DFES: 16 May 2024. For more information go to

Local Government Area/s impacted:

  • City of Bunbury

All applicants please note

  • You means the primary production business applying (individual, partnership, company or trust).

  • You must be able to demonstrate that funds are not available from within the resources of the business. It is expected you will have committed all liquid assets and credits sources for normal operations of your business to recover from the disaster

You will need to upload a number of documents to support your application, so please have digital copies of the following ready:

  • Shire rates notice if you own the property
  • Lease or sharefarm agreement if you do not own the property
  • Tax returns for the business and each individual member (partner, shareholder or adult beneficiary) who contributes their labour to the business applying
  • Financial statements (profit and loss, assets and liabilities) for the business
  • Tax invoices and evidence of payment for any costs to be reimbursed
  • Any photographic evidence of damages and restorative work
  • Insurance policy or claim details if applicable
  • A bank statement for the account nominated to have funds paid into

Are you eligible to apply?

You must be able to answer YES to all questions below.

If you answer NO to any question or you are unsure what the question means, please contact us via email at before proceeding with your application.

Are you an individual, partnership, trust or company which:

a) normally operates a commercial scale farming, pastoral, horticultural or fishing business in the declared disaster area? * Required
b) contributes at least 75 percent of your labour and capital to the primary production enterprise? * Required
c) normally derives at least 50 percent of your income from the primary production enterprise? * Required
d) had assets significantly damaged as a direct result of this disaster? * Required